Wednesday, December 2, 2015

My new book cover for Bad memories

I decided to change the book cover to a more dark and sinister one. The book starts at a mental asylum where patients were abused. The characters were either doctors, patients or visited there. I felt a change was warranted.
this is the exact setting John Miller described in the book about his former job, which he lost trying to stop the abuse.

Monday, November 23, 2015

non-fiction postal strike handbook won a medal

my non-fiction postal strike handbook won a silver-bronze medal at Chicagopex 2015 on 11/21/15 I got it in person and here it is. its available at Amazon with the rest of my books. Had to share, because this is the 1st medal anything I wrote ever won. My other books are 5 star reviewed.

Friday, November 13, 2015

authors I recommend to read

Irecommend these authors to read

Author THE TIME SPHERE "A Grand YA Adventure"

 The Keepers Sixteen-year-old Isra Kalb has grown up starving in I 9

The Madonna Ghost "Seventeenyearold Annie Tillery and her Aunt


The Seven-Year Bitch and a little perspective @ The SevenYear Bitch takes the re


 :MAN HUNT by .When abused women take revenge on sexist men.

latest review

Review by: smk on Oct. 02, 2015 :  gave it 5 stars
This is an action packed western, combining all the good points of a story.

It starts with Marshall Allen Johnson’s pregnant wife being taken hostage, with the promise of a safe return, but when the promise isn’t honoured, the story becomes one of vengeance.

I do like a good western, and thought it was a great story with a spectacular ending, I certainly would recommend it.
(reviewed within a week of purchase) 

my latest reviews

Review by Linda Strong:

Hi Douglas! Thank you again for allowing me to read and review for you.
Below is my review ,,,and all the links where posted.

Happy Reading!


This debut novel by Douglas Sander came as a surprise to me. It started out rather slow .... my first impression was a very sad man married to a shrew who did nothing but whine and complain and expect her husband to do everything. So my first thought was ... he is going to kill her.

When John Miller decides to take a weekend away from the shrew and the monotony of the job, he first has to put up with the wife's complaints. For a change, he doesn't let her conniving ways stop him.

I was still a little perplexed, and then the author started drawing me in. I found out that what I had seen in John Miller was a result of his past. While a doctor at an asylum, patients died because of an incorrect medication dosage.

This weekend he is going fishing with a friend. Unfortunately the friend is murdered. Another man of his acquaintance is murdered shortly after. These deaths bring about ....bad memories.

The story line is unique and became more mysterious and suspenseful the more I read. The characters are multi-dimensional. And once I got into it, I did not want to put it down!

 Many thanks to the author who so graciously furnished a digital copy in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. Strong Book Reviews (Pinterest) Amazon (booklover) Strong Reviews (Facebook) Mystery Readers Book Club (Facebook) Book Reviews (Facebook) Barnes & Noble (booklover) BAM (linstrong) Smashwords (Linda Strong) BOOK LOVERS BOOK REVIEWS (LoveToRead) Twitter Goodreads

Monday, October 19, 2015

A Kiss Before Strangling book 2 of the series

The book blurb to the sequel of A Kiss Before Strangling, titled "A Kiss Before Strangling:Blood Rules."
The killer told his victims, "This is how they do it," he whispered, "can you hear me? Listen! DAMN you, listen." Her eyes were rolling, her mouth twisted with pain as she died...."It's been 2 1/2 years since Sally was murdered, 2 1/2 years since we got her killer, 2 1/2 years and I still miss her." Lieutenant Younger mused.
When they rolled the body over, he froze, a cold shudder shook him. She looked like Sally, but wasn't sally. The bruises around the throat gave him a cold deja vu feeling. Damn, just like the murders 2 1/2 years ago when Sally and the five others were killed. He noticed on her forehead "remember" was written across it. Lieutenant Younger thought was it happening again? Do I have to deal with this again?
Get the sequel to A Kiss Before strangling and find out if the nightmare is starting over again, and if Lieutenant younger can stop it again.
this is the teaser to the second book in the A Kiss before Strangling series. get the first book so you won't miss out when the second is released. Get the first book so you won't miss out when the second is released. go to and download it in 6 different formats.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

1st review of postal strike handbook

This review was published in the American Philatelic Society's "Philatelic Literature Review" Volume 64, 3rd Quarter 2015.

Monday, September 21, 2015

my books the whole story

I realize that my books are competing with thousands of other books for attention of readers. I also know that not all readers may like my books, my books and where they are for sale. Please buy, read and review and if your a book reviewer or blogger contact me for (need to see your existing reviews) free book coupon, must be a real and serious reviewer and blogger not a freebie seeker.

A Kiss Before Strangling The twists and turns of this thriller come at the sweetest moments just before the women are killed, just when you are sure you know what's coming! Sgt. Younger stood in the office while the chief & sheriff argued who had jurisdiction Younger wondered will it stop, before the killer kills again; get the book to find out what happens and if the killer gets caught. Get this book to see how far one man will wander from reality! The acts of twisted revenge also drive a man to extremes to right the wrong he perceives, but is wrong.

Apple itunes
Barnes & Noble

 Guns of Vengeance A marshal has the bank in his town robbed by the Edwards gang, his wife Susan gets kidnapped by them, he finds he ravaged body and the star comes off and a husband seeks bloody revenge in Mexico, get the book to see what happens and who lives and dies.

Apple Itunes
Barnes and Noble

more authors I recommend reading

 I recommend that you get these authors



 A Proper Charlie: For anyone as long as they arent ginger. by Louise Wise Shes losing her job.<br>Shes

 "Delicious and riveting! I hated to see the story end." ~Amazon

 . "White Heaven Women" inspired by a

  crashes into druid. Sparks fly. Can they survive Shadowstalkers

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

please get these other authors

Seduced into love . . .

 On "The Steve Caresser Radio Show" today. "Wanted Dead Or Alive" by Bon Jovi, .

A mother&daughter travel 2 Italy ~A deadly curse must be broken KU

Oasis At Night When The DEAD Come Out To Give you FRIGHT

please buy these authors

please buy these authors

#FANTASY BUG QUEEN Fantastic, Terrifying !


5* Peter: A Darkened Fairytale Series- spell wizard dragon witch

 Girl Fights Back (An Emily Kane Adventure Book 1) A military genetic 67

 Landslide: The Last War by Stan Grimes at

  My Best RT come from the world over Thank you all. Phillip RT


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

new marketing for my books and update about me

I joined booksgosocial today and iauthor to help me market my books. I hope book review bloggers will agree to review either of my books and I will send them a coupon to get a free copy to review.

I suffer from Adult ADHD disability of math and WRITTEN expression, inner personal/occupational personality disorder(1995) and schizotypal personality disorder(1995), so writing the books (written in 1998) was tough. I was diagnosed in 2006 with ADHD which is the most serious issue.

I have received two degrees an A.A. in 2010; A.A.S. 2012 and working on my B.A. at FSU Panama City, Fl will graduate May 2017. Going to college has helped my writing skills, but the ADHD is still a struggle to overcome, even on meds.

I hope people will see the books and not the ADHD.

Monday, September 14, 2015

book updates

my books A Kiss Before Strangling is available on Smashwords as they have 15 different distribution networks and 6 different e-forms and is still available on Amazon KDP. My western is also available on both Smashwords and Amazon. but the Smashwords e-book has a different book cover.

I do not want to be restricted to just one place to sell my books. Bad Memories, my poetry book and stamp collecting book are still on Amazon.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

new home for A Kiss Bfore strangling & other updates

I gave Amazon KDP the boot, I hated having only 1 avenue to sell at so I went to smashwords as they have 6 plus e-book forms and 15 places I can sell my book at.

It is still available on kindle from amazon but now after smashwords approves my book (it is still for sale) I will have more homes. you can go here

Amazon's new page per read of 0.05c per page sucks as people don't read much of my books, and they screwed me out of royality sales from the UK and Canada. Hope to update more often

Friday, June 12, 2015

this is the western book, my 5th book and the final cover
it is available at
it is $3.99 on kindle and free on kindle unlimited.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

please buy these authors

please get these authors books

TOMB OF ZEUS - the secrets of Zeus uncovered #Kobo  #Nook  #reading

Grab this #BESTSELLER! Only 99� for a limited time! A FIVE-STAR #historicalfiction #adventure  by @sarawhitford

Revenge @PaulaRoseauthor … As a job coach, it’s up to Olivia Foster to ensure her cl #books 83

The murder was an accident NOTHING PERSONAL by BESTSELL Eileen Dreyer #Kindle #Medical #Suspense #Thriller #book

The Goblin Trilogy: The Goblin Series complete! @jaqdhawkins … For the first time, the #books 37

The Thirteenth Hour by Joshua Blum … A modern day fairy tale for adults nostalgic for 1980s fantasy film #books #novels
The Trump #Diary: Life Before Dead Medium
#amwriting #blogging 

why I want to be like Barrett Brown

I want to be like barrett Brown because he wrote stories that made a difference. He uncovered stuff that people needed to know, and I want to do the same, but avoid jail. I am a semi-new freelance journalist I have 7 articles published and three books; I hope this will get me fans, so when I start to write meaningful stories people will read them.

I can't travel places to cover stories and I don't have the computer savvy to hunt secrets on the internet. I want to be a journalist because I can get information out to people and hopefully make a difference somewhere. This is why I want to be a journalist.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

please buy these authors

please get these authors if you but the book please say where you heard about the book

LULLABY AND GOODNIGHT, Thrillers and Suspense #book by Wendy Corsi Staub

5 Stars! "Genuinely Fascinating Fantasy” UNEXPECTED METAMORPHOSIS   #cr4u #mustread #free …
New Release!  Hot, Sexy! Rated 5 stars on Amazon!  One night to fulfill your desires

"Dark Innocence, this truly is." a review of: Rising Tide: Dark Innocence (The...

SINCE TOMORROW is “the best post-apocalyptic novel I've read since McCarthy's THE ROAD”  #scifi

Book 4 in the series

my new book trailer for my western novel

this is the link to my book trailer to my western novel due out june 2015

Thursday, April 16, 2015

helping more authors out

please buy the following books from the following authors

**one insightful hallucination scene after another** DONT MISS! #kindle The Devil Came Looking 

"Careful, this book screams at you”
#Thriller Stories

#Sizzler of a #book and #FREE 2 #Read #kindleunlimited
#booklover #erotika #fantasyseks

Great Sci-fi, fresh, edgy, electrifying! ZENZORIS RETURNS  @JennyBurnley1 #Kindle #Scifi #ebook

Want to write #postapocalypse action like #MadMax #FuryRoad? Here's your secret weapon:  #IARTG

In the bathroom, his eye shot a reflex glance between her legs, at her exposed pubic hair.  suspense #thriller #IARTG

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

my biography or as much as I will reveal

Douglas Sandler b. 4/13/67 Brooklyn, ny lived in Panama City, FL since June 2000. I served in the US Navy 1984-1986 I have two degrees one from Gulf Coast Community College May 2010 another from Gulf Coast State College May 2012.

I am a freelance journalist/realism painter; I have wrote 5 stamp collecting articles as well as two op-eds and was on television 3 times and radio 2 times about my boogs and mental health. I am a left-wing anarcist and mental health/ disibility activist and suffer.

I published 3 books 1) Bad Memories 2 5 star reviews available on Amazon 2) A Kiss Before Strangling 2 5 star reviews on Amazon also available there 3) Poems from the heart also on Amazon my 4) Guns Of Vegenance will be out June 2015

helping more authors out

You don't' believe in ghosts? Neither did May Trump until she died.
Dead Medium: Not Your Average Ghost Story

#AmazonUK #KindleUK #Londoner #bookish #bizarro friends and family. …

NEW RELEASE: The Unraveling of Shelby Forrest (by @donafriessaolco) >  < Psychological #Drama

 If you do not bring forth what is within you, it will destroy you. THE BONE CHURCH  

helping fellow authors out

Get your SIGNED copy of the 5* award winning title HAWTHORNE: Chronicles of the Brass Hand for just $9.99!get a signed copy

The latest #thriller from Max China, #FREE with Kindleunlimited or Prime

TARGETED – Bk 3 – the Ray Schiller Series
Read Chapter 1 at    

Pond Life and Other Dark Tales by Phill Campbell … award winning shorts 99c - my favourite - On Wings of Song


Like #supernatural books?Circe of Five,Book1(Pha-yul #trilogy))

☆☆☆☆☆ for ALORA
"Lots of non-stop action"
"Alora was amazing"

If It Was Good Enough For Raymond Chandler! …  If it was good enough for Raymond Cha #article 91

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Please buy the following authors

Rookie Cops are dying DEAD CENTER by AWARDWIN Danielle Girard

 An exploration of love &betrayal with high-octane pace of

 Behind closed doors of , & betrayal The life behind the drama

Can you fall in love with her? THE BRANCHES OF TIME

 When she says... go…BEHIND A TWISTED SMILE

Friday, March 27, 2015

book trailer for A Kiss Before Strangling this is the 5 star reviewed book featured on two TV morning shows its as pg as I can make it, see the book to discover whats within, don't judge a book by the cover or trailer buy it, read it and review it. get it here

please buy the books of the following authors

please buy the following authors books on Amazon

Dianne Harman       PJ Webb        James N. Roses         Doug J. Cooper
Angel Sefr               Brandy L. Rivers     Mike Wells       Anna Celeste Burke
Peter John      Faith Mortimer      SR Clowes     Sarah Stuard      K. Edwin Fritz
Tamara Ferguson  Gunner A. Lawrence

they are all great authors

Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Kiss Before Strangling

This novel is about a man released from prision to find his girl died, he sees pictures of her body and draws the wrong conclusions. A killer hunting, a cop trying to catch him, get the book to see who wins and who the killer is. Its available at these Amazon pages in these countries

Im not going anywhere please check out the book 2 TV morning shows & 1 radio show like and a 5 star novel 2 boot.
US amazon link
UK)UK Amazon link
Japan)Japan Amazon link
Italy) Italy Amazon link

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Buy the book written by Philip Catshill

FOR ALL ETERNITY by   on Amazon US and UK... from what I see at the Amazon page it looks like a great read and I would recommend it

my thoughts on flatlined sales

I realize that my 3 books have been out for a month and between the two novels I sold 4 of 1 and 3 of another with 2 Amazon ku/koll's, 2 5 star reviews one for each book. Been interviewed on TV twice, radio once and local paper story. I post on 23 or more Facebook groups and tweet like hell, what must I do to get more readers?

I did not publish to be a best selling author but I would like to have lots of sales after all 2 TV morning shows, 1 radio show and a local paper and 2 readers can't be wrong.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Stamp Collecting Article on the 1970 US Postal Strike and Operation Graphic Hand

This article was published in the journal of The United States Specialist Volume 84, No. 2 February 2013 pages 61-65

just what authors need

I recommend these Books by Anna Burke and Taylor Fulks

I recommend these books 'A Dead Husband: by Anna Burke and "My Prison without Bars" by Taylor Fulks. Both are a 5 star read and I would recommend them. you can get them on Amazon in kindle or paperback. Check them out

I recommend Tamara Fergson's book

I recommend this book that you buy it, its a 5 star read
": ღღThat Captivates The Mind Tales of the Dragonfly Book II In Flight "

Guns of Vegeagence

This is my fourth book due out May 2015

Why I write as I do

This is why I write and how.

when I write my books I keep it simple I lead my readers into the characters so they can use there imignation to see and get into the characters. I want my readers to get into the book by using there imignation which is more richer than I can write.
I believe in keeping plots simple so as not to confuse readers with very complicated plots, I believe you can write a book, a good book without graphic violence, sex. Look at Stokers Dracula, Edgar Allen Poe, Victor Hugo they wrote great books classics and did not use graphic viloence or sex, but allowed the readers to use their imignation.
I published these books for myself and to share with readers my love a books and reading. I realize that not everyone who buys the book will like it. I keep the book covers simple but enough information as my mind can not get into graphic sex or violence. I have to do covers myself or ask friends to help. This is why I write.

Poems from the Heart

This is my third book a book of poems

Available AT Poems from the Heart

Written by me between 1976 and 2010

Bad Memories

This is my 1st novel

Available at Amazon Bad memories sales link

Who is murdering who in Millersburg? John Miller was a doctor at Allendale Asylum. He was sure he didn’t kill three people with the wrong dosage, but the screams haunt him still. The thriller gives you a tangled web of love, abuse, betrayal, double-cross and manipulative people. The link will suprise you about how the characters are connected.

Also is you notice something strange at the start of Chapter One it is intentional to see if people actually read the book and if they mention in the review I know its a honest review and that they read the book.

A Kiss Before Strangling

This is my second novel
it is available for sale on Amazon at Amazon purchase link and Barnes and Noble Barnes and Noble sales link

“I got another one tonight baby.” He said softly to 
the picture in the cheap leather frame 
“That makes three, listen! Do you hear the sirens? 
Do you hear the screaming?” Her smile seemed 
to grow again he bent his head to kiss her tinted lips." 
This is what the killer says to the picture of his dead women he believes cops killed her, but all is not what it seems. The real reason behind her death will surprise you and leave you guessing till the last page. This novel is about a killer who wants revenge against the cops who he thinks killed his women, but all is not what it seems