Monday, January 16, 2017

Bad Memories audio book and western soon to be audio book

Bad Memories is now in audio book available at Amazon and Audible. It is $13.08 at Amazon and $14.05 at Audible.

I am having my western Guns of Vengeance made into a audio book and I am going over the audio recording for the final review, stay tuned. THIS WESTERN audio book is now done. It is 2 hours 49 minutes and will sell between $7-$10 I hope people will like it

Bad Memories the Novel made it into round 2

MY novel Bad Memories  won this
now I submit the next 35k words and in March I will find out if I win entry to round three only 25 novels make it to round three. I hope to win 1st place, but I will take 2nd or 3rd place. This is great that my novel got here.

You can get it here

This psychological mystery is based on events that occurred at Letchworth Village, Pennhurst two psych hospitals closed by federal courts due to physical, sexual & mental abuse. The book is fictional. Dr. John Miller tried to stop the abuses but 3 people mysteriously died, he was blamed he said he didn't do it but was fired. Now the bodies are dropping again they didn't believe him then or now. Get the book to see who killed whom and who lives and dies and how?

Book is .99c all over