Thursday, August 17, 2017

my you should you care about my characters and books YOU SHOULD CARE ABOUT MY BOOKS AND CHARACTERS

I am still reading and using "Writing the Breakout Novel" book and its handbook written by Donald Maass 1st introduced to me in my FSU creative writing class in Spring 2017. My 2nd book "Bad Memories: Asylum" the 1st 6k words were completed for the class assignment. [I RECOMMEND the above book and workbook for all new authors]

On page 74-75 of chapter three titled "stakes" asks why should you care about the protagonist or story Well I can answer this question as it related to the Bad Memories series, any one of us can and do suffer from mental illness or issues of some degree. We at any time can be committed to a asylum or hospitalized.

I am a mental illness suffer with three diagnosed mental illnesses and while not like the ones the characters in my books suffer from this is one of the reasons you should care about my books. [YOU should also make readers care about your characters and give them the reason to read] The 2ND reason you should care is the background story of my books are based on true events that happened at Pennhurst, Letchworth Village, Willowbrook, these are the most serious events. Everything from abuses physical and sexual to having teeth forcibly removed for biting staff to murder by negligence.

The 3RD reason you should care about my books is that the protagonists have real life issues that they must deal with and that most people have on some level.

The 4TH and final reason is that I have and still have to fight through the adult ADHD disability of math & written expression and 3 others to have 5 fiction books completed. As far as I am willing to say some of the events my protagonists go through might or might not reflect my inner thoughts.
Bad Memories both only 99 cents

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Bad Memories made it to the finals

My book Bad Memories made it to the final round of the 2017 UK writers competition and I will know by May 20th if I won either 1st, 2nd or 3rd place. I would like 1st, but I will take 3rd.

Since this is a finalist I hope you will check it out.

READ the finalist in the 2017 UK writing competition only 99c

A doctor at the Allendale Asylum for ten years Dr. John Miller tried to stop the physical abuse and corruption there but three people mysteriously died and he got fired, now John Miller has to confront his past and solve the string of murders that connect back to his past at the asylum. The authorities didn't believe him at the asylum and later when more bodies showed up, they still didn't believe him.

Psychological mystery book based on true events from Pennhurst, Letchworth Village and Willowbrook

BOOK .99c

(Amazon US)
(Amazon UK)
(Amazon Canada)

Also available in audio book on Amazon

Monday, March 13, 2017

outlines for my FSU creative writing novel assignment

this is the timeline outline I did of my class assignment 6k word novel
I then did a regular outline of the book which filled this in since its in word doc form I can't post it here. But when I turn in the final version and have a grade I will be publishing the book, it will increase to a 10k word.

2017 UK writing competition

I am still waiting to find out if I made it into round three. out of 3k+ entered only 250 mage it to round 2, now only 25 will make it into round 3.

There are only 1st, 2nd, 3rd place I hope I win at least 3rd place.

FSU creative writing class and new books

The FSU creative writing class is great. We have to write 3 chapters of 2k words each as a novelette or short story. I chose the novelette and it is going great. It is based on mu 1st novel Bad Memories which is available for 99c at Amazon, Smashwords, Apple iTunes, Barnes and Nobel.

We are using "Writing the Breakout Novel" by Donald Maass along with its work book. I recommend all new author buy the book & workbook. It is the best thing ever.

The other book we are using "Write Your Novel from the Middle" by James Scott Bell and I also recommend it.

This is the book cover for the new book which after I turn it the final version and get a grade will be released.

I have outlined this book first I did a timeline outline and then a regular outline. I have made this second book in the Bad Memories series which is set in Florida.

From now on I will set all future novels in Florida as I am familiar with Panama City and it would be easier to describe than a place I never visited. I hope that I can move up the Amazom list.

This is a giveaway sweep stakes please enter

Former Doctor John Miller who lost his job at an asylum after 3 people died, did he do it? Now he must face his past which is connected to the asylum. He must solve several murders while not getting killed himself.

The authorities didn't believe him at the asylum, and when more bodies drop they still didn't believe him, get the psychological mystery book compared to Hitchcock and Christie. Enter this to win.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Bad Memories audio book and western soon to be audio book

Bad Memories is now in audio book available at Amazon and Audible. It is $13.08 at Amazon and $14.05 at Audible.

I am having my western Guns of Vengeance made into a audio book and I am going over the audio recording for the final review, stay tuned. THIS WESTERN audio book is now done. It is 2 hours 49 minutes and will sell between $7-$10 I hope people will like it

Bad Memories the Novel made it into round 2

MY novel Bad Memories  won this
now I submit the next 35k words and in March I will find out if I win entry to round three only 25 novels make it to round three. I hope to win 1st place, but I will take 2nd or 3rd place. This is great that my novel got here.

You can get it here

This psychological mystery is based on events that occurred at Letchworth Village, Pennhurst two psych hospitals closed by federal courts due to physical, sexual & mental abuse. The book is fictional. Dr. John Miller tried to stop the abuses but 3 people mysteriously died, he was blamed he said he didn't do it but was fired. Now the bodies are dropping again they didn't believe him then or now. Get the book to see who killed whom and who lives and dies and how?

Book is .99c all over